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Waterproofing is an important part of protecting your home from water damage. If your house is not properly waterproofed, you may not only lose a considerable amount on your investment but you may also be putting your family at risk. Two kinds of waterproofing are available – Inside and Outside.


Inside waterproofing is an effective way of redirecting water away from the basement to make the space dry and warm. Here are the reasons why it should be done:

  • Extremely wet soils will collapse if excavated.
  • Hydrostatic pressure.
  • Extra protection.
  • Very tight space between the holes.


Outside waterproofing stops the leaky basement problems, giving a completely dry basement free from mould and mildew. Here are the reasons why it should be done:

  • To reduce the moisture.
  • Increase property value.
  • Strengthen the foundation of the house.
  • Eliminate wall deterioration.


Underpinning means reinforcing an existing foundation or digging out the foundation to add height. An aging foundation can compromise your house’s integrity. Underpinning an unused space of house will add a huge amount of value to the property. There are two types available - Inside and Outside.


Inside or also known as Lowering underpinning is a type of underpinning where basement is mined to an extent that is well above from water level of soil. Here are the reasons why it should be done:

  • Foundation integrity.
  • Strengthening the structure of house.
  • Subsidence.


Outside or known as Benching,it is where an extra space is created. You can create the same overall height gain while minimizing the square footage. The reasons why it should be done:

  • Increase living space.
  • Adds value to the property.
  • Stabilize the foundation.


Foundation is a lowest-load bearing part of a building below ground level. Laying a solid foundation is the sign of a good house. Whether you are looking for a new foundation or fixing the existing foundation, we got you covered. There are two kinds of services, either you want to make a new foundation or fix an existing one.


Without foundation, a building can never be complete. In fact, it is the basic building component. Here are the reasons why it should be done:

  • Ensures safety.
  • Structure integrity.
  • Protection from moisture.


A strong foundation is the one that does not need repair after a little time has passed. However, if your foundation needs repair, Here are the reasons why it should be done:

  • Strong security.
  • Add value to the property.
  • Strength the structure.


Basement is one of the floors of the building. You can choose them to be either partially or completely below the ground floor. Different use basements for different purposes depending upon the taste and requirement of clients. There are two services provided by us – Making new Basement or Basement excavating.


If you and your family want to have a basement in your house or building, we can provide you with trustworthy construction. Here are the reasons why it should be done:

  • Fulfils requirement.
  • Provide extra space.
  • Add value to the property.


Excavation involves meticulous work and needs to be done carefully to avoid any mishap. If you want to excavate basement in your house, we will do it. The reasons why it should be done:

  • Strengthen the structure.
  • Add extra storage.
  • Beautify house.


Our company provides interlocking services to homeowners in Toronto. Our team can help you design and install interlocking pavers of your dreams. Interlocking can have many portions including driveway, patio, walkway, steps or entrance. We offer two types of services – New interlocking or fixing interlocking parging.


Our company specializes in making new interlocking for your house using the latest techniques. You can tell us your requirements and we can make them a reality. Here are the reasons why it should be done:

  • Protect from cracks.
  • Add look to the house.
  • Strengthen the structure.


Over the passage of time, you may notice that your patio or driveway has lost its shine. This can be due to a poor interlocking condition. Here are the reasons it should be done:

  • Compensate value of the property.
  • For long lasting life span.
  • To beautify the house.